Untitled (Light and sound)
Mirror balls, light, audio
Dimensions variable

This contemplative work is intended to respond to ideas of information technology in collision with the natural world.

In the context of the group show, of which it was part, the piece relates to the multiplicity of the internet, the countless specks of colored light might bring to mind a body of water... one large thing that is made up of many smaller, separate things. The croaking is one large sound made up of many smaller voices. I left the sound of aircraft in as an intrusion on the frog voices; while I was recording it was interesting that the frogs became quiet as the helicopter approached but then began singing again as it was overhead. the frequencies are very similar so maybe they thought it was a larger version of themselves.

The bench gives visitors a place from which to observe and hopefully contemplate for a moment. As you look at the different moving patterns and focus on elements of moving light they can seem to become stationary and the room's architecture becomes animated.

The smooth edged specks of light and rough croaking sounds from the frog pond are in contrast and relate directly to the collision of the man-made and the natural. This could lead to an overall feeling of disorientation, but over time I hope that the two will blend and prove my idea that as man is part of nature, whatever we do is "natural".

Exhibited as part of Small Pieces, Loosely Joined, Kiang gallery, Atlanta. Curated by Karen Tauches.



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At the show's opening someone had spun one of the mirror balls and the light was careening wildly about the room, providing unending delight to the children in attendance and chagrin to me. As the movement decreases the piece again provides a moment for contemplation.

Untitled (Light and sound), Stan Woodard, 2011

Untitled (Light and sound), Stan Woodard, 2011

Untitled (Light and sound), Stan Woodard, 2011