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Stan Woodard is an artist living and working in Atlanta, GA. He often works with multimedia and found materials in the creation of installations, assemblages, video, and audio works. Woodard is a recipient of the KBFUS (King Baudouin Fellowship US) award. Woodard has been exhibited in Atlanta, New York, Hong Kong and regionally.


Inspiration gained through exploring my post industrial neighborhood founded my work using discarded and recycled material in the creation of artwork.  Believing that every debris object has a history as unique as each of our own, I chose items which had appealing formal qualities apart from that of other urban detritus.  These objects were originally manufactured to serve a particular purpose and at some point were lost or deemed no longer relevant. By aestheticizing debris objects, each of them having passed through cycles of real and perceived value, I redefine their meanings.

My work ranges from intimate objects to room size installations and may include multimedia across the range. Elements have included weathered metal parts, wood, demolition debris, natural stone, organic material, etc. Recent object oriented works incorporate relics of personal lives, such as dolls and electronic parts.  My installations are often immersive in character, and may include multimedia and interactivity. Through installation I have addressed a number of social issues such as the environment, gender and racial identity, and privacy, among others. I also create stand-alone video, audio, and interactive works set on a variety of themes.

While I consider archeology in the approach to found materials and new media, the works are evidence of personal mythologies and symbologies.  An archeologist must evaluate artifacts according to accepted conventions; an artist may interpret according to his own standards.  It follows that each observer brings a unique set of tools to evaluation.


• March – Constructive Interference, Center for Global Safe Water, Emory University

• August – Small Pieces, Loosely Joined, Kiang Gallery, Atlanta
• October – The Great ARTdoors Festival, The Hambidge Center, Rabun Gap, Georgia

• September - Flux Projects, Atlanta

• September – Hand to Hand Project
• September – The Atlanta Zombie Symposium
• October – Still Water, Dalton Gallery, Decatur, GA
• October – Fashion + Art, 7 For All Mankind + New Art Dealers Alliance, Atlanta

• March – Pinup Show #4, City Gallery East, Atlanta

• February – Kuumba, Lamar Arts, Barnesville, GA
• July – Looks Good on Paper, Spruill Gallery, Atlanta
• August – Vinyl, New Street Gallery, Atlanta
• September - The 60 Second Southern Video Festival, Fugitive Projects, Nashville, TN
• October - Dead Flowers, Eyedrum, Atlanta
• November – 60 Second Southern Video Festival, Ditch Projects, Springfield, OR

• April - Politics, Politics, Space One Eleven, Birmingham, AL
• April - National Juried Show, Eyedrum, Atlanta
• June - d'Asie d'Afrique, Artists Commune at the Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong
• September - America on the Brink, ATHICA, Athens, GA
• September - I see no one, no one sees me, solo, Spruill Gallery, Atlanta
• September - James Brown: The Man, Music, and His Influence, from Augusta, Georgia to Bamako, Mali, High Museum of Art, Atlanta

• January - Shelter, Eyedrum, Atlanta
July - Vinyl, New Street Gallery, Atlanta
November - d'Afrique d'Asie, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, NY

Woodard for President 2K4,
• September/November - Decatur Street & Bradley Street, Atlanta, 2004 - Gathering, Dalton Gallery, Decatur, GA

• February - Claxon Knot in Debris Field - Project: SGF Downtown
Rui and Mike at Eyedrum, Eyedrum
• April - Domestic Violence/Sovereign Authority - Emergency Room - Site-specific collaborative installation with Danielle Roney; incorporating sculpture and video
• May - KBFUS Fellowship winner
• June - Expected Interstice - Eyedrum
• September - New Windsor , NY - Common Objects - City Gallery East, Atlanta

• November - SomeFlash 11/02 -- EAAA / The Annual Survey 2002

• June - (Un)Preparation - Hardware: The Penis Show, Eyedrum

Woodard for President 2K4,
• April - Designed objects -- Food, Clothing, Shelter: The Design of Reality - Eyedrum

• April - 107 Yellow Pages - Eyedrum
• June - Please allow your question to be answered, IVAC: Famous Artists Show
• September - Or was it just a dream?, Eyedrum

• September - Found object assemblages - IVAC Members' Show

Woodard for President '96

• April - Spring Idol's Idyll - Schema 1 / The Chamber

• December - ASSTOW, The Red Dress Party
• December - ASSTOW, Eyedrum

• April - Music from the "Communicators Soundtrack"
• October - Short Circuit with Biofeedback, B-Complex
• November - Ambience, Barbara Archer Gallery
• December - Ambience, Eyedrum

• February - preRevolutionary - Project: SGF Downtown
• June - Wife of Pariah, Eyedrum
• July - Wife of Pariah, Marcia Wood Gallery
• August - Wife of Pariah, Eyedrum
• September - Wife of Pariah, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
• September - preRevolutionary, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

• January - Joseph Zitt w/Konx, Eyedrum
• January - Arthur Doyle w/Konx, Eyedrum
• May - Konx -- Jump Arts American Road Project
• July - Konx - Lenny's Bar and Grill
• September - Konx, the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center
• November - Konx - musical performance
• December - preRevolutionary, Eyedrum

• April - Spring Idol's Idyll - Schema 1 / The Chamber
• April - Untitled: Body Painting Performance - Schema 1 / The Chamber

Atlanta Zombie Symposium, Organizer/Moderator, 2009
• National Alliance of African and African American Art Support Groups, 8th Annual Conference
Navigating the Mainstream VIII, Creative Collaborations: Artists, Curators, and Collectors,
algorithmeticblackbase10: Digital Science Decoding Character of Blackness, Panelist, 2006
James Brown: The Man, Music, and His Influence, from Augusta, Georgia to Bamako, Mali, Organizer/Moderator 2006
• Bioneers, Southern Artists and Social Activism, Moderator, 2005
Artists' Survival Series, Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, Panelist, 2003

"Getting to the Point", Catherine Fox, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 2004
"Politics, Politics", Art Papers, Jessica Dallow, September/October 2006
"Art School", Felicia Feaster, Atlanta Creative Loafing, October 19-25, 2006
Birmingham News

Atlanta-Rio de Janeiro Sister Cities Committee, Member - 2004-
Board member/Webmaster - Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery - 2000-2003
Instructor- Hands on Atlanta - Partners in Technology - 2000-02
Web designer - Boy's and Girl's Clubs of Metro Atlanta - 2000
Webmaster - Individual Visual Artists' Coalition - 1998-2000
Volunteer - Ebenezer Intergenerational Center - 1995
Literacy Tutor - Literacy Volunteers of America - 1990-93