discrete audio positions, Field Recordings
3 Audio recording loops, audio players, loudspeakers, discrete installation method, seating, wayfinding w/floor tape

A site-specific audio installation created for the 2014 Newburgh Open Studios
Presented at the Atlas Building, Newburgh, NY on Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28, 2014.

The installation comprised three field recordings collected during the weeks preceding the event. Sound selections included those from nature and the built environment. Each durational recording was looped on digital audio players played through loudspeakers .

The audio was placed within distinct areas of the Atlas Building, including the entrace stairwell, room under construction, and a distant hallway.

Each sound commanded the space it occupied and gave passers-through a reason to pause and consider these familiar cues, now out of context. Seating for two was provided at each location.

discrete audio positions

Phase 1. Newburgh Beacon Bridge West-East / East-West, Duration 1:19:23
Phase 2. Quieter Sounds of the Mid Hudson Valley Gardiner/New Windsor/Newburgh, Duration1:18:37
Phase 3. Dorsky Museum Opening, New Paltz, Duration 0:23:29

discrete audio positions Hallway

discrete audio positions Wayfinding

Discrete Audio Positions - Newburgh Open Studios 9/27-28, 2014