Stan Woodard, Banned by Executive Order, 2004

Performed live for the first time since 1990, Stan Woodard's The Communicators Soundtrack.
Eyedrum, March 13, 2004, 9pm

Audio clip from the performance

Video clip from the perfomance

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Also on the bill -
Dr. Irene Moon, Zandosis

Nominated for Best Soundtrack at the 1966 Prague Film Festival, Stan Woodard's music for The Communicators" was named as the prime catalyst at the Czech uprising in 1968. The work remains as energizing and insightful as it was 38 years ago. Powerfully disordered rhythms meet watchtower-warning guitar sonics, intently concentrated to time and again coax intellectuals and the self-proclaimed lowbrow to challenge injustice.

Banned by Executive Order in the United States following the history making performances in June 1986 in Manila, Philippines and in Peking, China April 1989; this will be the first performance of The Communicators since 1990. Woodard hopes that the soundtrack will once again galvanize those in attendance to engage in action, this time with the intent to remove the proto-fascist regime which unlawfully seized power in the United States in 2001.

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