The Afro Asian Action Figure (prototype)
Mixed media (doll, metal, wood, surgical tape)
14 1/4" x 8 1/2"

see The Afro Asian Action Figure Meets the Juju Stick
The Afro Asian Action Figure - PoisedThe Afro Asian Action Figure - Aggressive

The Afro Asian Action Figure is the perfect blending of the image of the power black woman and the Chinese Dragon. The black female figure has adopted the dragon mask.

This piece exemplifies my working method at its most basic; combining common objects, each with a history and character of its own, to create new ideas about those things.

The pop nature and figurative restrictions of the elements led to the obvious creation of a chimera… Chinese dragon head, African female body. Each element represents both strength and weakness. Strength, through good fortune or through resolute character. The weakness of the dragon symbol is that it is just that, a symbol. In the case of the female figure, the weakness lies in that it represents a reality; society’s place for the African is one of perceived inferiority (although in truth “that woman” must be considered the mother of us all).

The dragon head is a mask adopted by the female to display a ferocity that she is not allowed under her own guise. The mask is obviously tied to her, so that no mistake can be made that it is not part of her, but an affectation.