Thursday July 1, 6 pm Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery

Rui and Mike at Eyedrum
Stan Woodard, 2003 – 04

Video is combined with site specific sculpture to complete a discussion on continuing histories of debris objects and of the place where they were collected. The video will run in Eyedrum’s Small Gallery through July 3, 2004 when the sculpture will be dismantled.

In July 2002 Rui Sekido traveled from Japan in the hopes of participating in Eyedrum’s exhibition Strange Fruit: Artists Respond to Violence, organized by Peggy Dobbins and Kevin Sipp. In the weeks and days leading up to his elegiac performance “Pregnant Stone” in Eyedrum’s parking lot, Rui organized as if from thin air, his needed bamboo scaffold, a stone matching his weight exactly, and a cauldron to hold the flame essential to his piece. He didn’t magically whip these things up; but by force of faith in those around him, the needed objects were found, created, or constructed by a group of us who were held under his sway. One of that group was Mike Yamakami, a North Georgia bamboo grower, native of Japan. Mike’s participation ensured the success of the Rui’s performance and so of Strange Fruit itself. My memories of that time led me to collect leftover elements from the performance along with other debris from Eyedrum’s environs to temporarily adorn the signature tower in honor of Rui and Mike.

Stan Woodard, July 2004


Rui Sekido, Pregnant Stone, 2002
photo: Naugle

Rui and Mike at Eyedrum
Stan Woodard, 2003-04